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Dentist in Kingsford, MI
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We Offer A 10% Discount for Patients Over 65!Our all-ages dentist offers flexible, affordable care for seniors. Reach out to us to book an appointment!

Dentist in Kingsford, MI

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Welcome to M. R. Dental PLLC, a privately owned practice that is committed to comfort, individualized treatment and quality dental services. You are invited to join our dental family of patients where Dr. MaKayla Reid, DDS, and our team are committed to getting to know you and your unique set of dental needs.

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No two smiles are alike. That’s why we offer free consultations and are always willing to provide a second opinion on your dental needs. Dr. Reid takes an individualized approach to all patients and helps educate you on the best possible procedures.

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The Legacy of M. R. Dental PLLC

Dr. MaKayla Reid DDS is the proud successor of the D'Amour Dental legacy (1942-2022). Dr. Reid provides the same conservative, quality care that patients are used to from D'Amour Dental's Dr. D'Amour, all while adding new advancements in technology. Dr. Reid and her husband, along with their two dogs, moved to the Kingsford/Iron Mountain area and are very active, social people. If you see them out and about, say hello and introduce yourself!

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